I started this blog because I’m in my mid fifties and am having lots and lots of thoughts about retirement.  After spending hours combing the internet and the library and bookstores, I found that there just isn’t a lot of information out there about ALL the considerations of retirement.  Most of the information is about the money part.  While I find that to be a very important part, it definitely isn’t the only worry I have.

I am having, what I hope, are the normal, all encompassing questions, why, how, when, where, what…The what seems to be the most frightening, because most of the hard to answer questions start with that word.  What will I do?  What will my family think?  On and on.  The hardest what for me, though, is, “What will I wear?”

I thought it was just me.  I thought of all the things to consider when getting the retirement plan developed, what to wear should be at the bottom of the list.  Vanity be damned.

The truth is turning out to be different.  I speak to a lot of women about this blog and in our conversations I have been asking them what their top concerns are.  I get the usual, concerns about money, housing, family, time filling, etc.  No one mentions their wardrobe, until I do.  When I ask, “Did you worry about what you were going to wear?”  I get reactions that are close to relief.  One recently retired women thru up her arms and exclaimed, “Yes, that too!  I had no idea how I was going to dress!”

It seems, that perhaps, this is a concern that we may be embarrassed to mention.  We may be concerned that we’ll be considered vain or frivolous if we mention this concern out loud.  I say this is an extremely important issue in our retirement.

When we retire, statistics show that many of us are lost, wandering the desert, looking for that magic cup of water that will tell us just exactly who we are supposed to be in retirement.  This search can go on for years.  A lot of who we are supposed to be is described in our clothes.  Take a moment and bring to mind what you think a construction worker should be wearing.  Now think about a banker. How about a housewife?

I’m sure each of these visions brought up a different mode of dress.  Now you have to figure out just what mode of dress will describe you in retirement.  So much of our self esteem and personal perception is tied to our wardrobe.  Unless you want to retire to the world of couch potatoes, sweats are out!

I sat down with my friend, Yelena Jackson, recently.  Yelena is an image consultant and owns The School of Fabulous. theschooloffabulous.com.  Yelena believes that women of any age want to and should strive to look their best.  She says that there is no reason that being retired should automatically turn us all into dowdy women.  In fact, this should be a time of experimentation.  A time when we can build a wardrobe that truly reflects our personality.  Many of us were limited in our wardrobes by the demands and the, sometimes unspoken, dress codes of the jobs that we held.  When was the last time you saw a bank manager in orange?

Case in point.  I was always somewhat of a colorful dresser.  I worked in the banking industry for 25 years.  The bank held monthly meetings that the sales team were required to attend.  At one meeting, I wore a dark purple suit.  Another women, who was wearing a light blue suit, turned to me and said “I’m so glad you wore that suit!  I didn’t want to be the only one in a colored suit.”  I looked around the room, she was right, we were the only 2 not wearing navy blue or black suits.  Nowhere in the banks dress code did it say we must wear navy blue or black, but it was an unwritten rule, that we had broken.

In retirement we’re free of these limiting shackles.  We can dress boho, or classic, or casual, or sporty.  What ever we feel reflects who we are or want to become.

Yelena and I would like to help you with this problem of creating your new retirement wardrobe.  If you aren’t yet retired, we would like to get this information to you so that you can make smart purchase decisions as you update your wardrobe while your still working, so that the transition from work to retirement clothing won’t leave you naked or totally dumping your old wardrobe for a completely new one.

We’re creating an online course for you, and want to make sure we address all of your dressing in retirement concerns.  So we’ve created a survey for you.

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We are so excited about this course.  It will have lots of great information about how to choose your perfect color palate, determine your body profile, choose your clothing style, discover your perfect hair color and style, make up and so much more.  There is no other on line course out there that is as all encompassing and will help you the way this course will.  That is why we want to make sure we teach you exactly what you want to learn.  This course will help you dress and look your best for the rest of your life.  So be sure to give us your feedback, by clicking this link to take our survey _________________________________