About Me

About Me

Dear Reader;

Who am I?  According to Wester’s Dictionary: I am a woman having proprietary rights or authority (Lady) having hair especially of a specified kind (Haired), currently a nearly neutral slightly brownish medium gray (Silver), with practical know-how (Savvy).

I was in corporate management for over 25 years.  I’ve owned 3 small business.  I’ve, also, helped to raise 7 children, only 2 of which were my own.  Now you know why I’ve had Silver Hair since my early 30’s and how I’ve become Savvy.  As I write this, I’m a little over a month away from my 57th birthday.

Ever since I hit the age of 50, I’ve been thinking about retirement.  I mean really thinking about it as a reality, not just something that may happen some day.  What will I do?  Where will I live?  Can I even afford to retire, ever?  As I began to mention these thoughts in conversations, it became apparent to me that other people my age were asking themselves the same questions.

I began to do some research and soon realized that, other than the money aspect, there is very little published information on retirement.  Yes, the money piece is important, but so is all of the rest of it.  I didn’t work hard all of my life to retire to simply think about money.  That’s why I decided to start this blog.

This is a place to come for information about the rest of the issues of retirement.  I’ll be writing from the trenches.  Meaning, I’ll be sharing the lessons I’m learning, as I go.  I’m hoping you’ll be willing to share your thoughts and what you’ve learned on your path to retirement, as well.  I’m really hoping to create a resource for, and a community of, savvy readers who are willing to help each other navigate the way to a magnificent life in retirement.

My Warmest Regards